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ATV Safety Education Card
ATV Operating Permit
Abalone Harvest Permit, Recreational
Accountants, Certified Public
Accountants, Public
Accounting Firm Registration
Acupuncturist (Horses)
Acupuncturists, Limited Licenses
Administrator, Charter School Registration
Adoption Agency
Adult Foster Care - Developmentally Disabled
Adult Foster Home - Addictions and Mental Health
Adult Foster Home - Aged and Physically Disabled
Agency information
Agricultural Amendment Registration
Agricultural Labor Housing Registration
Agricultural Lime Registration
Agricultural Manufacturer, Bulk Distributor
Agricultural Mineral Registration
Agriculture - Federal
Air Contaminant Discharge Permit (not including Short Term Activity ACDP)
Air Contaminant Discharge Permit Short Term Activity
Air Quality Indirect Source Permits
Aircraft Dealer License
Aircraft Registration
Airport License
Alarm Agent
Alarm Agent License
Alarm Business License
Alarm Permit
Alarm System License
Albacore Tuna Landing License, Commercial
Alcohol Server Education Instructor
Alcohol Server Education Provider Certification
Alcohol Service Permit
Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Programs, Standards for Approval/ Licensure
Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) - Federal
All Medical Imaging License Applications & Forms
Ambulance & Emergency Medical Services
Ambulance Service - Agency
Ambulance Service - Vehicle
Ambulatory Surgery Center
Amusement Devices, Games & Machines Permits
Amusement License
Amusement Places & Games
Amusement Ride Operating Permit
Angling Combined Harvest Tag, Adult Annual (Fishing)
Angling Combined Harvest Tag, Juvenile Annual (Fishing)
Angling License, Annual Resident Senior Citizen (Fishing)
Angling License, Daily - 1 Day to 4 Days (Fishing)
Angling License, Nonresident Annual (Fishing)
Angling License, Nonresident, 7 Day (Fishing)
Angling License, Resident (Fishing)
Angling License, Resident Juvenile (Fishing)
Angling and Shellfish License for Persons in State Care (Fishing)
Animal Euthanasia Registration
Animal Permit
Animal Permit
Animals living intertidally on the bottom, Permit to take (Also known as Commercial Shellfish Harvest Permit)
Annual School Bus Inspection Certification
Apiary Registration
Application for Certificate of Fitness
Apprentice Electrician, Limited Renewable Energy Technician
Apprentice Plumber (Speciality), Solar Heating and Cooling System Installer
Apprentice, Registered (Construction Trades)
Apprentice, Registered (Industrial Trades)
Apprentice, Registered (Miscellaneous Trades)
Aquatic & Angler Education Instructor
Aquatic Invasive Species Permit
Archaeological Permit
Archaeological Review
Architectural Firms
Asbestos - Annual Notification for Nonfriable Asbestos Projects
Asbestos - Annual Notification for Small Scale Abatement of Friable Asbestos Containing Material
Asbestos Abatement Contractor License & Worker and Supervisor Certifications
Asbestos Removal Notification (Friable)
Asbestos Removal Notification (Non-Friable)
Asbestos Training Provider Accreditations
Assisted Living Facility
Association Employee
Association Steward
Assumed Business Name
Athlete Agent Permit
Athletic Trainer
Auction Market License, Livestock
Auctioneer License
Audiology License, Inactive
Authorized Agent
Auto Restroration
Autowrecker Business
Aviation Fuel Facility License, NonRetail
Baccalaureate Social Worker - Registration (RBSW)
Backflow Assembly Tester Certification
Bait Fishing License, Commercial
Bakery Distributor
Bakery, Domestic Kitchen
Banks and Trust Companies, State Chartered
Banks and Trust Companies, State Chartered, Branches of
Banner Permit
Barber/Hairdresser/Estethtics and Nail Technology Teacher Registration
Bass Fishing Tournament Permit
Beverage Plant, Non-Alcoholic
Bicentennial Park Pavilion Reservation Application & Permit
Bicycle Dealers
Bighorn Sheep Auction Tag
Bighorn Sheep Hunt Raffle Tickets
Bingo Game Manager Permit
Bingo Licenses (Class A, B, C, D)
Bingo Licenses - Facility Manager Authorization
Birth Certificates
Birthing Centers
Black Bear Tag, Nonresident Cascade Additional
Black Bear Tag, Nonresident Southwest Additional
Black Bear Tag, Nonresident Spring
Black Bear Tag, Resident General
Black Bear Tag, Resident Southwest Additional
Black Bear Tag, Resident Spring
Blacksmith / Farrier
Blasting Permit, Inwater
Boat Certificate of Number and/or decal replacement
Boat Oregon Instructor Certification
Boat Title and Certificate of Number
Boater Education Card
Bobcat Record Card
Boiler Business (B)
Boiler Inspector Certificate of Competency (OR)
Boiler or Pressure Vessel, Permit to Install, Alter, or Repair
Boiler or Pressure Vessel, Permit to Operate
Boiler/Pressure Vessel Boilermaker Class 4 (CL4)
Boiler/Pressure Vessel Building Service Mechanic Class 3 (CL3)
Boiler/Pressure Vessel Installer Class 2 (CL2)
Boiler/Pressure Vessel Process Piping Mechanic Class 5 (CL5)
Boiler/Pressure Vessel Trainee Class 1 (CL1)
Boiler/Pressure Vessel Welder Class 6 (CL6)
Bow Hunter Education
Boxer or Wrestler, Professional and Amateur
Boxing or Wrestling Exhibition
Brewery License
Brewery Public House License
Building (Structural) Permit
Building Official (BO)
Building Permit - Newberg
Building Permit Applications
Building Permits
Building Permits Specific to Tri-County Jurisdictions
Building and Construction Permit Fees
Burning Permit
Bus Safety Lights Permit (Religious Organizations)
Business Identification (BID) Sign permit
Business Licence
Business License
Business License
Business License
Business License
Business License
Business License
Business License
Business License
Business License
Business License
Business License
Business License
Business License - Auctions
Business License - City of Depoe Bay
Business License - Drug Paraphernalia
Business License - Florence
Business License - Second Hand Buyers and Sellers
Business License - Taxi
Business License - Wilsonville
Business License Application
Business License/Transient Rental License
Business Licenses - Lake Oswego
Business Registration
Business Registration
Business Registration - City of Milwaukie
Business Registration Certificate
Business Registration for emergency purposes
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
Business personal property assessment & taxation
CAFO Permit, Application to Register
CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988) Certificate
CNA 1, CNA 2 or CMA Training Program Instructor Approval Application
CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists)
CRNA Limited License for New Graduates
CRNA Re-Entry and Limited License Application
Canby - Licenses, Permits, Registrations & Certifications
Caregiver Registries
Carnival and Circuses
Carp or Other Nongame Fish, Permit to Take (also known as Experimental Fishing Gear Permit)
Cemetery, Operating
Cemetery, Registered (Non-Operating)
Central Point Business License
Central Point OLCC Application
Certificate of Approval (Wine and Malt Beverage Importation)
Certified Child Care Center
Certified Family Child Care Home
Certified Providers (Prearranged Funeral Plans)
Cervid Propagation License
Change of Use Application
Charitable Trust Registration
Charity Registration
Charter Boat License (Ocean Charter Vessels)
Check-cashing Business
Child Foster Care - Developmentally Disabled
Chiropractic Assistants Certification
Chiropractic Doctor License - Initial
Chiropractic Physician Workers' Compensation Certification
Chiropractic Registration - Annual Active
Chiropractic Registration - Annual Inactive
Chiropractic Registration - Annual Senior Active
Chiropractic Specialty Certification - Minor Surgery and/or Proctology
Chiropractic Specialty Certification - Obstetrics
Chiropractor (Horses)
Christmas Tree Growers
Christmas Tree Sales Lot/Fireworks Sales Lot
Cigarette and Tobacco Licenses
Circuses, Sideshows, Carnivals
City Building Permit
City Business License
City Business License - Klamath Falls
City Fee Schedule
City Regular Business License- Merrill
City of Banks Business License
City of Harrisburg - License Information
City of Madras Business License
City of North Plains
City of Sisters Business License
Clackamas County Licenses, Permits, Certifications & Registrations
Claims Adjusters
Claims Clerk
Claims Examiner Certification
Claims Examiner IME Training Content Requirements
Clerk of Scales
Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)
Clinical Nurse Specialist Re-Entry & Limited License
Clinical Social Work Associate Certificate (CSWA)
Closure Entry Permit, Forestland
Coastal Zone Certification (CZMA)
Collection Agencies
Columbia River Gillnet Limited Entry Permit, Commercial
Columbia River Indians; free hunting and angling licenses
Combination BCD Contractor Licenses
Combination Elk and Deer Raffle Hunt Tickets
Combined Employers Registration
Commercial Building Permit - Wilsonville
Commercial Business License
Commercial Driver Training School Application
Commercial Driver Training School Instructor
Commercial Fishing License, Crewmember
Commercial Fishing License, Nonresident Individual
Commercial Fishing License, Resident Individual
Commercial Fishing License, Resident Person 18 Years of Age or Younger
Commercial Fund-Raising Registration
Commercial Sign Permit Application
Common Water Related Activites Scenic Waterways Defintions & Test
Common Water Related Activities Determination Page 1
Common Water Related Activities Determination Page 2
Common Water Related Activities Ocean Shore Description
Common Water Related Activities State Owned Waterways Description
Common Water Related Projects Contact
Community Mental Health Program Services Certificate
Competitive Telecommunications Provider Certificate of Authority
Composting Facility Permit or Registration Application
Computer Systems Consultant
Computer Systems Supervisor
Computer Systems Technician
Concealed Handgun License - Sherman County
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concealed Handgun, License to Carry
Concessions / Food Service Worker
Conditional Audiology / Conditional Speech Language Pathology
Conditional Use Permit
Condominium Homeowner Association
Construct, Notice of Intent to (Clean Air Act)
Construction Labor Contractor
Consulting Firms
Consumer Finance
Contractor, Commercial General - Level 1 or Level 2 (CCB)
Contractor, Commercial Specialty - Level 1 or Level 2 (CCB)
Contractor, Residential General (CCB)
Contractor, Residential Limited (CCB)
Contractor, Residential Specialty (CCB)
Controlled Hunt Application
Coos County
Coos County Code
Coos County Oregon
Coos County Planning Department - Land Use
Coos County Sheriff's Department
Corrections Officer
Cosmetology (Barbering, Esthetics, Hair Design, Nail Technology)
Cosmetology Facility
Cosmetology: Barbering
Cosmetology: Demonstration Permit
Cosmetology: Esthetics
Cosmetology: Freelance Authorization
Cosmetology: Hair Design
Cosmetology: Independent Contractor
Cosmetology: Nail Technology
Cosmetology: Temporary Facility Permit
Cougar Tag, Nonresident Annual
Cougar Tag, Resident Annual
Court Interpreter, Oregon Certified
Credit Unions, Amendment of articles and bylaws
Credit Unions, State Chartered
Credit Unions, State Chartered, Branches of
Cross Connection Specialist Certification
DSL Proprietary Approval
Dairy Operator, HTST Pasteurizer
Dairy Operator, Milk Sampler/Grader
Dairy Operator, Vat Pasteurizer
Dairy Products Plant
Dairy, Contract Milk Hauler
Dairy, Fluid Milk Distributor
Dairy, Fluid Milk Producer
Dairy, Non-Processing Distributor Grade A
Dairy, Producer-Distributor Grade A
Dairy, Wholesale Frozen Dessert Manufacturer
Dance Hall
Day License- Merrill
Dead Animal, Assembly Plant
Dead Animal, Conveyance
Dead Animal, Rendering Plant
Death Care Consultant
Death Certificates
Debt Management Service Providers
Decommission a Hydroelectric Project
Deer Hunt Raffle Tickets, Access & Habitat
Deer Tag, Nonresident Annual
Deer Tag, Resident Annual
Degree authorization
Delivery Service Only for Non-Resident Business- Merrill
Dental Assistant Certification
Dental Hygienist
Dental Hygienist, Limited Access Permit
Dental Instructor License
Dental Specialist
Dentistry - Anesthesia Permit - Deep Sedation & General Anesthesia
Dentistry - Anesthesia Permit - Minimal and Moderate Sedation
Dentistry - Anesthesia Permit - Nitrous Oxide
Dentists, General
Developer, Commercial (CCB)
Developer, Residential (CCB)
Development Permit
Development Review
Dietitians, Licensed
Direct Shipper Permit
Director of Racing
Disability Golf Cart Driver Permit
Disabled Person Parking Permit
Disabled Clam Digger Permit
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certification
Discount Medical Plan Organization
Dismantler Certificate
Dispensing Authority Application for NP & CNS
Distillery License
District Permanent Water Right Transfer
District Temporary Water Right Transfers
Divorce Certificate or Annulment
Dock or Float Registration
Domestic Partnerships
Door to Door Solicitor
Dredge and Fill Section 401 Water Quality Certification
Drinking Water Operator Certification
Drinking Water, Small System Operator Certification
Driver Instruction Permit, Class C Non-Commercial
Driver License, Class C Non-Commercial
Driver License, Commercial (CDL)
Driver License, Commercial (CDL) Instruction Permit
Drug Distribution Agent
Drug Lab Decontamination Contractor
Drug Outlet Class A/Class B, Nonprescription
Drug Outlet Class C - Medical Device, Equipment & Gas
Drug Outlet Class D, Nonprescription - Vending Machines
Drug Outlet, Charitable Pharmacy
Drug Outlet, Correctional Facility
Drug Outlet, County Health Clinic
Drug Outlet, Family Planning Clinic
Drug Outlet, Home Dialysis
Drug Outlet, Institutional/Retail
Drug Outlet, Wholesale Class I
Drug Outlet, Wholesale Class II
Drug, Controlled Substance Schedule II Precursor
Dry Cleaner Facility and Chemicals Registration
Dry Cleaner Inactive Facility Registration
Dryer Roll - Pressure vessel operating permit
Dungeness Crab Limited Entry Permit, Commercial Fishing
Egg Breaker
Egg Handler
Electrical Contractor (C)
Electrical Contractor, Limited Energy (CLE)
Electrical Contractor, Limited Maintenance Specialty (LMS)
Electrical Contractor, Limited Maintenance Specialty HVAC (LHR)
Electrical Contractor, Limited Pump Installation Specialty (CPI)
Electrical Contractor, Limited Sign (CLS)
Electrical Contractor, Renewable Energy, Limited (CLR)
Electrical Contractor, Restricted Energy (CRE)
Electrical Inspector (EI)
Electrical Inspectors, 1 & 2 Family Dwelling/Residential (CAE)
Electrical Merchandise
Electrical Minor Label Permit - Statewide
Electrical Permit / Limited Renewable Energy Permit
Electrician, General Journeyman (J)
Electrician, General Journeyman (J) Reciprocal
Electrician, General Journeyman Apprentice (Inside)
Electrician, General Supervising (S)
Electrician, General Supervising (S) Reciprocal
Electrician, Limited Building Maintenance (BME)
Electrician, Limited Energy Technician Class B (LEB) Apprentice
Electrician, Limited Energy Technician Class A (LEA) Apprentice
Electrician, Limited Energy Technician, Class A (LEA)
Electrician, Limited Energy Technician, Class B (LEB)
Electrician, Limited Journeyman, Manufacturing Plant (PJ)
Electrician, Limited Journeyman, Sign (SIG)
Electrician, Limited Journeyman, Stage (ST)
Electrician, Limited Maintenance (LME)
Electrician, Limited Maintenance Apprentice
Electrician, Limited Maintenance Manufactured Structures (LMM)
Electrician, Limited Renewable Energy Technician (LRT)
Electrician, Limited Residential (LR)
Electrician, Limited Residential Apprentice
Electrician, Limited Supervisor, Manufacturing Plant (PS)
Electrician, Manufacturing Plant, Apprentice
Electrician, Signmaker Apprentice
Electricity Service Aggregator Registration
Electricity Service Supplier Certification
Elevator - Annual Operating Permit
Elevator Contractor, Electrical (EC)
Elevator Contractor, Mechanical (ECM)
Elevator Installation / Alteration Permit
Elevator Journeyman, Limited (E)
Elevator Mechanic Apprentice
Elevator Mechanic, Limited (LEM)
Elk Hunt RaffleTickets, Access & Habitat
Elk Tag, Nonresident Annual
Elk Tag, Resident Annual
Elk Tag, Special Annual
Elk and Deer Auction Tags
Embalmer Apprenticeship (Not an Intern Apprentice)
Embalmer License by Reciprocity
Emergency Medical Dispatcher
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
Emergency Medical Technician
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Advanced
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Intermediate
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Paramedic
Emergency Water Use Permit
Emerging Small Business (ESB) Certification
Employment and Alternatives to Employment
Encapsulated Foam Certification
Encroachment Upon State Highway Right of Way
Endowment Care Cemeteries
Energy - Federal
Energy Facility Site Certificate
Energy Recovery Facility Permit
Engineer, Licensed Professional
Entertainment Businesses
Entry Clerk
Environment - Federal
Environmental Health Specialist
Environmental Health Specialist Trainee
Escrow Agents
European Pine Shoot Moth Survey
Event Employees, Boxing & Wrestling
Event Officials, Boxing and Wrestling
Examples of Water-Related Activities
Executive Management
Exercise Person
Experimental Fishing Gear Permit, Commercial
Exploration Permit
Exploration Permit/Lease for Geothermal Resources
Exploration Permit/Lease for Onshore Minerals
Explosives Program
Export & Import - Federal
Facilities Manager
Falconry License
Farm Labor Contractor
Feed, Commercial Animal
Fertilizer Registration
Field Burning Registration and Permit
Fire Permit Fees
Fire Service Professional
Fire Sprinkler Affidavit - Wilsonville
Firearms Instant Check
Fireworks, Wholesale Permit
Fireworks, Agricultural Permit
Fireworks, General Display Operator Certification
Fireworks, General Display Permit
Fireworks, Limited Display Operator Certification
Fireworks, Limited Display Permit
Fireworks, Retail Sales Permit
Fireworks, Special Effects Display Permit
First Aide Operator
Fish & Wildlife Water-related license list
Fish Buyer License, Commercial
Fish Passage Requirement
Fish Propagation License
Fish Screening Requirements
Fish Transport Permit
Fish and Wildlife Habitat Mitigation Recommendations
Fisheries and Wildlife - Federal - Fish & Wildlife
Fisheries and Wildlife - Federal - NOAA Fisheries
Fishing Boat License, Nonresident Commercial
Fishing Boat License, Resident, Commercial
Floating Home/Boathouse, Certificate of Title and Identifying Plate
Food Fish Canner License, Commercial
Food Processing Establishment
Food Processing Plant
Food Processor, Domestic Kitchen
Food Service Licenses
Food Storage Warehouse
Food, Refrigerated Locker Plant
Food, Retail Establishment
Foodhandler Certification
For more information on the All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Education Card:
Foreign Business Corporation
Foreign Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Foreign Limited Partnership
Foreign Nonprofit Corporation
Foreign Professional Corporation
Forest Labor Contractor
Foster Home for Children Certificate OR Relative Home for Children Certificate
Full On-Premises Alcohol Sales License
Funeral Establishment
Funeral Service Practitioner
Funeral Service Practitioner Apprentice
Funeral Service Practitioner License by Reciprocity
Fur Dealer
Gambling License
Gambling License
Game Bird Stamp, Nonresident (Nonresident Game Bird Validation)
Game Fish Tournament Permit
Gasoline Transporter Certification Permit
General Business License
General Business License
General Business license
General Educational Development (GED)
General Manager
Geologist In Training (GIT)
Geologists, Certified Engineering (CEG)
Geologists, Registered (RG)
Geophysical Survey Permit/Lease for Onshore Oil and Gas
Geothermal Prospect Well
Geothermal Well, Permit to Drill
Ginseng Dealer
Ginseng Grower
Going Out of Business Sales
Grain Warehouse, Bonded
Grant of Total Exemption, Mining
Greenhouse Gas Reporting
Grocery & Fuel Service
Ground Water Appropriation Permit
Growers Sales Privilege (Wine)
Guest Services
Habitat Conservation Stamp
Hardship/Probationary Driver Permits
Harrisburg Home Occupation Business License
Harrisburg Social Games License
Harrisburg Street & Sidewalk Vendor License
Hatchery Harvest Tag
Hazardous Material Emergency Incident Reporting
Hazardous Materials, Advance Notice of Transportation
Hazardous Substance Information Survey
Hazardous Waste Activity Notification
Hazardous Waste Petitions to Exclude or Approve an Equivalent Testing or Analytical Method
Hazardous Waste Storage Time Limit Extension
Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage and Disposal Permit
Health Care Interpreter Registry Enrollment, Qualification and Certification
Health Care Service Contractor (Health Maintenance Organization) Certificate of Authority
Health Screen Testing (HST) Permit
Hearing Aid Specialist
Hearing Aid Specialist: Temporary License
Hearing Aid Specialist: Trainee Registration
Heating & Refridgeration
Hemodialysis Technicians
Heritage Tree
Hide/Antler Dealer License
Highway Signs - Interstate Logo Boards
Highway Signs - Museum Signs
Highway Signs - Off-Interstate Logo Boards
Highway Signs - Tourist Oriented Directional Signing
Historical Marker
Home Based Business- Merrill
Home Business
Home Business Permit
Home Health Agency
Home Inspector, Certified (CCB)
Homeowner Associations
Horse Identifier
Horse Sale License, Temporary One Day
Hotel, motel, vacation rental, bed & breakfast Registration
Household Goods Carrier - For-Hire Local Cartage
Household Goods Carrier - For-Hire Within Oregon
Hub Director
Hub Employee
Hub Manager
Hunter Education
Hunter Education Instructors
Hunting License for Furbearers, Resident
Hunting License, Annual Resident Senior Citizen
Hunting License, Nonresident Annual
Hunting License, Nonresident Juvenile
Hunting License, Resident Annual
Hunting License, Resident Juvenile
Hunting, Furtaker's License, Juvenile Resident
Hunting, Furtaker's License, Nonresident
Hunting, Furtaker's License, Resident
Hunting/Angling Combination License, Pioneer Resident
Hunting/Angling Combination License, Annual Resident Senior Citizen
Hunting/Angling Combination License, Disabled Veteran Resident
Hunting/Angling Combination License, Resident
Hunting/Fishing Permanent Disabilities Access Permit
Hydroelectric Section 401 Water Quality Certification
Hydroelectric Water Right, Amendment
Hydroelectric Water Right, New Major Private
Hydroelectric Water Right, New Major Public
Hydroelectric Water Right, New Minor Private
Hydroelectric Water Right, New Minor Public
Identification Card
Immediate Disposition Company (Funeral Service)
Import Permit for Livestock or Pets into Oregon
In-Home Care
Independent Contractor
Independent Medical Examination (IME) Training Vendor for Medical Service Providers
Independent Medical Examination Authorized Provider
Industrial Hemp License and/or Agricultural HempSeed Permit
Info Technology Manager
Info Technology Specialist
Inspector, Oregon Certification (OIC)
Insurance Agency
Insurance Consultants
Insurance Producer (Agent), Managing General
Insurance Producers (Agents), Non-resident
Insurance Producers (Agents), Resident
Insurance Producers (Agents), Surplus Line
Insurer, Domestic - Certificate of Authority
Insurer, Foreign - Certificate of Authority
Intern Permit (Not an Embalmer Apprentice)
International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) License, Trucks & Buses
International RN Seeking Short-Term Educational Experience in Oregon
International Registration Plan (IRP)
Investigator , Private
Investigator, Provisional
Investment Adviser (firm)
Investment Adviser Representative
Inwater Timing Guidelines
Itinerant Merchant License
Jig License, Juvenile, Commercial
Jockey Agent
Jockey Room Supervisor (Custodian)
Jockey, Apprentice
Junction City Licenses and Permits General
Keg Registration
Kennel Permit
Klamath Falls - Licenses, Permits, Certifications & Registrations
Land Surveyor, Licensed Professional
Land Use Application Fees
Land Use Applications
Land Use and Development Ordinance
Landscape Architect License by Reciprocity
Landscape Architect in Training (LAIT)
Landscape Architects - Initial Registration
Landscape Architecture, Authorized Business Entity
Landscape Construction Professional, Individual (All Phase Plus Backflow)
Landscape Construction Professional, Individual (Irrigation Only)
Landscape Construction Professional, Individual (Probationary All Phase Plus Backflow)
Landscape Construction Professional, Individual (Standard-no Irrigation)
Landscape Contracting Business License
Lead Abatement Contractors License-Business (CCB)
Lead Based Paint Activities License - Individual (CCB)
Lead Based Paint Renovation Contractors License (CCB)
Lead Inspection Contractors License-Business (CCB)
Lead-Based Paint Certification
Lead-Based Paint Training Program Accreditation
Lease/license for sand and gravel, dredge spoils
Leases/easements for hydroelectric projects
Legal Expense Organization Registration
Lewis & Clark Festival Park Use Agreement
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
Licensed Master's Social Worker (LMSW)
Life Settlement Broker
Life Settlement Broker Firm
Life Settlement Provider (Viatical Settlement Provider)
Limited Fish Seller Permit, Commercial
Limited Nursing License for International Exchange Students
Limited On-Premises Alcohol Sales License
Limited X-Ray Machine Operator Permits - LXMO
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Company License
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Containers
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Fitter's License
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Truck Equipment Operator License
Liquor License
Liquor License
Liquor License
Liquor License
Liquor License - Local Processing Fee
Liquor License Processing
Livestock Brand Registration
Loan Originators
Locksmith, Oregon Certified (CCB)
Log Brand
Logging on any Private/State/Local Government-owned Forests
Lower Deschutes River Boater Pass
Maintenance Employee
Malt Beverages and Wine License, Wholesale
Managed Care Organization Certification
Manager, Boxing & Wrestling
Manufactured Dwelling - Temporary Limited Installer License
Manufactured Dwelling / Accessory Structure Placement Permit
Manufactured Dwelling Alteration Permit
Manufactured Dwelling Installer (MDI)
Manufactured Dwelling Limited Installer (LI)
Manufactured Dwelling Limited Skirting Installer (LSI)
Manufactured Dwelling Park Development Permit
Manufactured Home Builder Registration (MHB)
Manufactured Home Fees
Manufactured Home Installation Certification Tag
Manufactured Home Title/Ownership
Manufactured Structure Installation Inspector (MHI)
Manufactured Structure Ownership Records
Manufactured Structure Trip Permit
Manufactured Structures Construction Inspector (MCI)
Manufactured Structures Dealer (MSD) and Manufactured Structures Dealer Supplemental (MSS)
Manufactured Structures Dealer - Limited (MSL)
Marine Event, Regatta or Parade Permit
Marion County - Licenses, Permits, Registrations & Certifications
Maritime Pilot Apprentice Trainee
Maritime Pilot Trainee
Maritime Pilot Training Organization License
Marriage Certificates
Marriage License
Marriage License - Sherman County
Marriage Licenses - Clackamas
Marriage and Family Therapist
Massage Therapist - Active
Massage Therapist - Inactive
Master Builder Certification (MB)
Master Fee Schedule
Master Gardener
Master Hunter Education
Matchmaker (Boxing), Booker (Wrestling)
Material Recovery Facility Permit
Meat Sellers
Meat, Animal Food Processor
Meat, Custom Mobile Slaughter
Meat, Custom Processor
Meat, Custom Stationary Slaughter
Meat, Non-Slaughtering Processor
Meat, Poultry & Rabbit Slaughter
Meat, Slaughterhouse
Mechanical Inspector, A-Level (MIA)
Mechanical Inspector, B-Level (MIB)
Mechanical Inspector, Residential (CAM)
Mechanical Permit
Mechanical Permit - Wilsonville
Medford Business License
Medical Marijuana Dispensary License
Medical Marijuana Program Registry Identification Card
Medication Aides, Certified
Membership Camping Contract Brokers
Membership Camping Contract Salespersons
Mental Health Examiner Certificate
Mental Health Investigator Certificate
Mental Health Services Certificate, Non-inpatient
Merchant Police
Meters Type F, Service Station Type Fuel Pump, Under 20 Gallons Per Minute
Meters Type G, Bulk Petroleum Fuel, 20-150 Gallons Per Minute
Meters Type H, Bulk Petroleum Fuel, Over 150 Gallons Per Minute
Meters Type M, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), 1 inch pipe diameter or under
Meters Type N, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Over 1 inch pipe diameter
Meters Type O, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Vapor, 1 inch pipe diameter or under
Meters Type P, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Vapor, Over 1 inch pipe diameter
Microwave Oven Repair Facility
Midwife, Direct Entry
Migratory Waterfowl Stamp (Collector), Resident
Migratory Waterfowl Stamp, Resident (Waterfowl Validation)
Mine Operating Permit
Mine Operating Permit - Metal/Placer
Minor Under 14, Work Permit
Minority and/or Women Business Enterprise (MBE/WBE) Certification
Minors, Annual Employment Certificate for Minors
Miscelaneous Events and Amusement Devices
Miscellaneous Application - Oil or Gas Well
Mobile Food Units
Mobile Food Units
Mobile Food Vendor's License
Mobile Vending Devices
Money Transmitters
Monitoring Well Constructor License
Monte Carlo Event Contractor License
Monte Carlo Event Equipment Supplier License
Monte Carlo Event Licenses (Class A and B)
Moped Restricted Class C Driver License
Mortgage Lender License
Mortgage Lenders, Branches of
Motor Carrier Registration
Motor Vehicle Fuel Dealer - City of Astoria
Motor Vehicle Fuel Dealer - City of Canby
Motor Vehicle Fuel Dealer - City of Coburg
Motor Vehicle Fuel Dealer - City of Coquille
Motor Vehicle Fuel Dealer - City of Cottage Grove
Motor Vehicle Fuel Dealer - City of Eugene
Motor Vehicle Fuel Dealer - City of Hood River
Motor Vehicle Fuel Dealer - City of Milwaukie
Motor Vehicle Fuel Dealer - City of Newport
Motor Vehicle Fuel Dealer - City of Springfield
Motor Vehicle Fuel Dealer - City of Tigard
Motor Vehicle Fuel Dealer - City of Veneta
Motor Vehicle Fuel Dealer - City of Warrenton
Motor Vehicle Fuel Dealer - City of Woodburn
Motor Vehicle Fuel Dealer - Multnomah County
Motor Vehicle Fuel Dealer - Oregon
Motor Vehicle Fuel Dealer - Washington County
Motorcycle Instruction Permit
Mountain Goat Tag, Nonresident
Mountain Goat Tag, Resident
Mountain Sheep Tag, Nonresident
Mountain Sheep Tag, Resident
Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement Certificate
Municipal Auditor
Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Permit
Mutuel Employee
Mutuel Manager
Mutuel Manager, Assistant
Mutuel Owner
NA or MA Training Program Application
National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands - Federal
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permit
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Individual Permit
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Stormwater Discharge Permit
Natural Childbirth Certificate (Naturopathic)
Naturopathic Physician Workers' Compensation Certification
Newberg Licenses, Permits, Certifications & Registrations
No license or permit currently required for the City of Bay City
No license or permit currently required for the city of Antelope
No license or permit currently required for the city of Damascus
No license or permit currently required for the city of Elgin
No license or permit currently required for the city of Fossil
No license or permit currently required for the city of Gervais
No license or permit currently required for the city of Monroe
No license or permit currently required for the city of Sodaville
No license or permit currently required for the city of Stayton
No license or permit currently required for the city of Ukiah
No license or permit currently required for the city of Waterloo
No small business license currently required for the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine
Noise Variance Request
Nonretail Facility License (Commercial Cardlock Fueling Facilities)
Nurse Practitioner Re-Entry & Limited License
Nurse Practitioner, Additional Specialty Category
Nurse Practitioners
Nurse Practitioners Authorization
Nurse, Retired Status
Nursery Dealer, Florist and Landscapers
Nursery Greenhouse Grower of Herbaceous Plants
Nursery License (Temporary)
Nursery Stock Growers & Collectors Of Native Plants
Nurses, Licensed Practical
Nurses, Registered
Nurses, Registered and Licensed Practical, Re-entry
Nursing Assistant/Medication Aide Training Program Director Application
Nursing Assistants, Certified (CNA 1)
Nursing Assistants, Certified (CNA 2)
Nursing Facility
Nursing Home Administrator
Nursing Home Administrator - AIT Registration
Nursing Home Administrator - License Without Examination
Nursing Home Administrator - Preceptor
Nursing Home Administrator - Provisional License
Obligor of Service Contracts
Occupational Tax Permit
Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Occupational Therapy Assistant, Limited Permit
Occupational Therapy, Limited Permit
Ocean Shore Alteration Permit
Ocean Shore Natural Product Removal Permit
Ocean Shore Pipeline, Cable and Conduit Permit
Ocean Troll Salmon Vessel Limited Entry Permit, Commercial
Off-Premises Sales License
Office of Child Care's Central Background Registry
Official Insignia of Approval for Prefabricated Building Components
Official Insignia of Approval for Prefabricated Structures
Oil or Gas Well, Permit to Drill
Onsite Wastewater System Maintenance Providers, Certified
Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (NEW), Construction-Installation Permit
Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Alteration, Construction-Installation Permit
Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Repair, Construction-Installation Permit
Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Variance, Construction-Installation Permit
Open Burning Letter
Optometrist, Inactive Status
Optometrist, Multiple Location Certificate
Orchard Park Day Use Permit
Orchard Park Overnight Camping Permit
Oregon Business Corporation
Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program
Oregon Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Oregon Limited Partnership
Oregon Nonprofit Corporation
Oregon Notary Public Commission
Oregon Professional Corporation
Oregon State Parks 12 month Day-Use Parking Permit and Oregon State Parks 24 month Day-Use Parking Permit
Otter Record Card
Outdoor Advertising Business License
Outdoor Advertising Sign Permit
Outdoor Club License
Outfitter/Guide Registration
Outpatient Renal Dialysis Facilities
Over-Dimension Permit - Continuous Operation Variance
Over-Dimension Permit - Single Trip and Continuous Trip Variance
Overnight Rentals - Oregon State Parks
Owner, Temporary
Owner/Managing Employee
Oyster Import Permit
PT/PTA Licensure by Endorsement
PT/PTA Licensure by Examination
PT/PTA Temporary Permits
Pack or Load Household Goods Services
Paddock Judge
Parade Permit
Park and Camp Inspector (PCI)
Parole and Probation Officer
Partnership (Assumed Name)
Passenger Carrier - Irregular Route Within Oregon
Passenger Carrier - Regular Route Within Oregon
Patrol Judge
Pawn Brokers and Used Merchandise Dealers
Pay and Park Program Registration
Payday Lender
Payday Lenders Registration
Payday Lending and Title Lending
Peddlers and Solicitors
Peddlers and Solicitors License
Peddlers and Transient Merchants
Pesticide Applicator, Commercial
Pesticide Applicator, Private
Pesticide Applicator, Public
Pesticide Consultant
Pesticide Dealer
Pesticide Operator, Commercial
Pesticide Product Registration
Pesticide Trainee, Immediately Supervised
Pesticide, Apprentice License
Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
Pharmacist Preceptor
Pharmacy Benefit Manager
Pharmacy Intern
Pharmacy Technician
Pharmacy Technician, Oregon Certified
Pheasant Fee Tag
Photogrammetrists, Registered Professional
Physical Therapist, Foreign Educated, Licensure by Credentialing
Physician Assistant
Physician Assistant Workers' Compensation Certification
Physician Assistant, Limited Licenses
Physicians, Limited Licenses
Physicians, Locum Tenens
Physicians, Medical Doctor
Physicians, Naturopathic
Physicians, Naturopathic Inactive
Physicians, Osteopathic
Physicians, Volunteer Emeritus Licenses
Phytosanitary Certificates
Pilot Registration, Oregon
Pilot, River or Bar
Pink Shrimp Limited Entry Permit, Commercial
Pioneer Park Vendor Reservation Application & Permit
Placer Mining Authorization
Plan Review & Inspection, Business Registration (SRB)
Plan Reviewer & Inspector (SRI)
Plan Reviewer & Inspector, Limited (SRL)
Planning Department - Sherman County
Planning and Zoning Applications
Plans Examiner, A-Level (PEA)
Plans Examiner, B-Level (PEB)
Plans Examiner, Fire & Life Safety (PEF)
Plans Examiner, Residential Structural (CAX)
Plumber Apprentice
Plumber, Journeyman (JP)
Plumber, Journeyman (JP) Reciprocal
Plumber, Water Heater Installer (WHI)
Plumber, Water Treatment Installer (WTI)
Plumbing Business / Contractor (PB)
Plumbing Inspector (PI)
Plumbing Inspector, 1 & 2 Family/Residential (CAP)
Plumbing Inspector, Limited, Building Sewer (PIS)
Plumbing Permit
Plumbing Permit - Wilsonville
Plumbing, Minor Label - Statewide
Podiatrists, Limited Licenses
Police Officer
Polygraph Examiner - Trainee
Polygraph Examiner - General
Pony Person
Portable Electronics (Insurance)
Post Earthquake Inspector, General (GQI)
Post-Earthquake Damage Inspector, Limited (LQI)
Pre-Application Meeting Request - Wilsonville
Prearranged Funeral Plans - Master Trustees
Prefabricated Building Components (PFC)
Prefabricated Structures (PFS)
Prefabricated Structures - Insignia of compliance
Preneed Salesperson
Prescribed Burning Registration and Burn Fee
Private Alternative Programs/Schools-Registration
Private Career School License
Private For-Hire Transportation: Company, Vehicle and Driver Permits & Fees
Private Hunting Preserve License
Private Pre K-12 School Registration
Private Salmon Hatchery Permit
Private Security Instructor
Private Security Manager/Supervisor
Private Security Professionals
Process Piping Mechanic Class 5A (CLA)
Professional Counselor
Professional Fund-Raising Registration
Promoter, Boxing & Wrestling
Pronghorn Antelope, Resident
Pronghorn Antelope, nonresident
Property Carrier - For-Hire Trucking
Prophylactic/Contraceptive License
Provider Network
Psychologist Associate
Psychologist Limited Practice Permit
Public Dances
Public Event
Public Facility on State Lands License
Public Passenger Vehicle Services
Public Pool/Spa Licenses
Purchasing Group
Racemeet Licensee (Commercial)
Racemeet Licensee (Non-profit or fair)
Racing Official
Racing Secretary
Racing Secretary, Assistant
Radio-Tone-Controlled Devices
Radioactive Materials License
Radioactive Materials Transport Permit
Radiographer Technician License Application
Radiological Laboratory and Gamma Spectroscopy Analysis Fees
Raffle Licenses (Class A and B)
Railroad - Highway Crossing
Rangeland Grazing Lease
Raptor Capture Permit
Rating Organization
Real Estate Appraiser
Real Estate Appraiser (Reciprocal Application)
Real Estate Appraiser (Temporary Non-Resident)
Real Estate Appraiser Assistant
Real Estate Appraiser Qualifiying Education and Continuing Education Provider Approval
Real Estate Appraiser Qualifying Education or Continuing Education Course Approval
Real Estate Branch Office Registration
Real Estate Brokers
Real Estate Business Name Registration
Real Estate Marketing Organizations
Real Estate Principal Brokers
Real Estate Property Managers
Reciprocating Conveyor Mechanic (RCM)
Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park / Organizational Camp Development Permit
Recreational Vehicle (RV) Permit (RV Insignia)
Recreational Vehicle (RV) Show License
Recreational Vehicle / Park Model Manufacturer (RVM)
Recreational Vehicle Camping Permits
Recreational Vehicle Converter (RVC)
Recreational Vehicle Inspector (RVI)
Recreational Vehicle Repair Operation (RVR)
Recreational Vehicle Repair and Alteration Permit
Refrigeration Piping Mechanic Class 5B (CLB)
Registered Family Child Care Home
Registered Intern
Remote Dispensing Facility
Remote Dispensing Machine
Removal Registration
Removal-Fill Permit
Rental Business License
Rental Housing
Rental Sales License
Residential Building Permit - Wilsonville
Residential Care Facility
Residential Child Caring Agency
Residential Services, 24-hour - Developmentally Disabled
Residential Treatment Facility
Residential Treatment Home
Respiratory Therapist
Respiratory Therapist: Temporary License
Responsible Vendor Status
Restaurants, Deli's, Food Trucks
Restricted Reciprocating Conveyor Mechanic (RRM)
Retainer Medical Practices
Risk Retention Groups
Road Watering, Construction or Maintenance Registration
Room and Board Registration
Sandy - Licenses, Permits, Registrations & Certifications
Scales Type A, 0 - 400 Pounds Manufacturer's Rated Capacity
Scales Type B, 401 - 1,160 Pounds Manufacturer's Rated Capacity
Scales Type C, 1,161 - 7,500 Pounds Manufacturer's Rated Capacity
Scales Type D, 7,501 - 60,000 Pounds Manufacturer's Rated Capacity
Scales Type E, Over 60,000 Pounds Manufacturer's Rated Capacity
Scales Type Q, Railroad Track, Weigh-In-Motion
Scales Type R, Railroad Track, Static Weighing
Scales Type W, Continuous Weighing Devices, Under 10 tons per hour
Scales Type X, Continuous Weighing Devices, 10 - 150 tons per hour
Scales Type Y, Continuous Weighing Devices, 151 - 1,000 tons per hour
Scales Type Z, Continuous Weighing Devices, Over 1,000 tons per hour
Scallop Limited Entry Permit, Commercial
Scenic Waterway Notification of Intent Application
School Bus Driver Certificate
School Bus Driver Permit
School Bus License Approval
School Counselor
School Nurse
School Psychologist
School Social Worker
School Superintendent/administrator
Sea Urchin Limited Entry Permit, Commercial
Second Hand Business Licenses
Second Hand Store License
Second Hand or Precious Metal and Gem Dealer
Second, Boxing
Secondhand Dealer License
Secondhand Dealers
Secondhand Dealers
Secondhand Dealers License
Secondhand Dealers Permits
Secondhand Goods and Junk Dealers
Securities Brokers/Dealers
Securities Offering Registration
Securities Salespersons
Securities, Federal Covered
Seed - Sod Quality or Endophyte Tags
Seed Certification
Seed Dealer, Retail
Seed Dealer, Wholesale
Self-Servive Storage (Insuance)
Self-insured Employer Certification
Semi-Independent Living Programs
Sewage Disposal Service Business License
Sex Offender Registration
Sex Offender Therapist, Associate
Sex Offender Therapist, Clinical
Sexually-Oriented Business License
Shellfish Canner License, Commercial
Shellfish Commercial Harvester
Shellfish Culture Plat on State-Owned Estuary Lands, Application for
Shellfish Distributor, Shipper, Wholesaler
Shellfish Grower
Shellfish License, 3-Day Nonresident
Shellfish License, Nonresident
Shellfish License, Resident
Shellfish Shucker-Packer
Shipping Point Inspections
Shooting Area
Short-Term Instream Water Lease: ORS 537.348
Shorthand Reporter, Certified
Sidewalk Cafe Permit
Sidewalk Cafes
Sidewalk and Park Vending Application
Sign Language Interpreters, Certified
Sign Permit
Sign Permit Application
Silverton Business License
Single & Duplex Rental- Merrill
Single-Delivery Fishing License, Commercial
Site Development Application Form - Wilsonville
Site Plan Review
Site Plan Review Application
Snagging Permit, Commercial Fishing
Sno-Park Parking Permit
Snowmobile Safety Education Instructor
Social Event
Social Game Permits
Social Games
Social Gaming
Solar Heating & Cooling System Installer (STL)
Solicitation License
Solicitation Permit
Solicitor's Certificate of Registration
Solicitor's License
Solicitor, Investment Advisory Services
Solicitors & Peddlers License
Solicitors License
Solid Waste Letter Authorization Permit
Solid Waste Letter Authorization Permit for Petroleum-Contaminated Soils
Solid Waste Management
Solid Waste Treatment Facility Permit
Sound Permits
Sound Truck/Car
Source Separate Solid Waste Fee
SpCont Ed Dept Drew Hinds
SpCont Ed Dept Joni Gilles
SpCont Ed Dept Karyn Chambers
SpCont Ed Dept Lin Fleming
SpCont Ed Dept Michael Wiltfong
Special Event
Special Event License - Temporary Alcohol Sales License
Special Event Permit
Special Events Permit
Special Events Permits
Special Inpatient Care Facility
Special Park Use Permit
Special Parking Permits
Special Pupil Activity Bus (SPAB) Carrier Certification
Special Pupil Activity Bus (SPAB) Driver Certification
Special Qualifications Registration
Specialized Plumbing Inspector (SPI)
Specialized Solar-PV Inspector ( SSI)
Speech Language Pathologists
Speech Language Pathology Assistant, Inactive
Speech Language Pathology License, Inactive
Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Certificate
Sports Pac License, Resident
Sports Pac License, Resident Juvenile
Stable Area Supervisor
Stall Superintendent
State Hydroelectric Water Right (for project that is also federally licensed), Reauthorize
State Hydroelectric Water Right (for project that is not federally licensed), Reauthorize
State Land and Waterway Easement
State Lands Special Use Permit or Lease
Store Water (Alternate), Permit to
Store Water (Standard), Permit to
Storm Water System Development Charge
Street Banner Permit
Structural (Building) Permit
Structural Inspector, A-Level (SIA)
Structural Inspector, B-Level (SIB)
Structural Inspector, Residential (CAS)
Substances of Abuse (SOA) Registration
Supervising Physician Dispensing Drug Outlet
Support Services Brokerages and Provider Organizations
Supported Living Programs
Surface Water Appropriation Permit
Tank, Heating Oil, Services Certification
Tank, Heating Oil, Service Provider
Tank, Heating Oil, Supervisor
Tank, Underground Storage, General Permit Registration, Certificate to Install
Tank, Underground Storage, General Permit Registration, Certificate to Operate
Tank, Underground Storage, General Permit to Decommission by Permanent Closure
Tank, Underground Storage, Services Provider
Tank, Underground Storage, Services Supervisor
Tank, Underground Storage, Soil Matrix Cleanup Service Provider
Tank, Underground Storage, Soil Matrix Cleanup Supervisor
Tank, Underground Storage, Voluntary Cost Recovery
Tanks, Aboveground, Flammable/Combustible Liquid
Tanning Device Registration
Tattooer (Horses)
Tax Business Registration
Tax Business and Branch Registration Applications
Tax Consultant
Tax Preparer
Taxi Driver Permit
Taxi Operator License
Taxicab Business License Application
Taxicab Permit
Taxicab/Medical Transport Business License
Taxidermist License
Teacher License, Career and Technical Education
Teacher License, Initial and Continuing
Teacher License, Substitute
Teacher, Charter School Registration
Telecommunications (FCC) - Federal
Telecommunicator (911)
Telephonic Sellers (Telemarketers)
Temporarily Closed
Temporary Merchants and Vendors
Temporary Permit (Boxing & Wrestling)
Temporary Recreation Park Development Permit
Temporary Use of a Trailer- Application & Permit
Temporary and Itinerant Business Licenses
Tent Show
Texas Hold'em House
Texas Hold'em Organizer
Third Party Administrator
Third Party Agency Certification (TPI)
Timber Sales, Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF)
Title V Operating Permit (Clean Air Act)
Tobacco Retailers
Tobacco Vending
Tourist Accomodation License
Tow/Recovery Vehicles Business Certificate
Towing (municipal tows & towing from private property) Tower, Company and Vehicle Contracts and Permits
Track Superintendent
Trade and Service Marks
Trainer, Assistant
Transfer Station Permit
Transient Lodging
Transient Merchant
Transient Merchant Food Cart
Transient Merchant License
Transient Room Tax
Transit Tax Form- Wilsonville
Transportation (FAA) - Federal
Transportation System Development
Trapper Education
Tree Trimming, Removal or Pruning Services
Truck Dragging Load Permit
Truck Registration - Oregon-Based Companies
Truck Registration - Out-of-State Companies
Truck Registration Weight Trip Permit
Truck Sifting or Leaking Load Permit
Truck Temporary Pass
Truck Trip Permit - Heavy Vehicle Trip Permit
Truck Weigh Station Preclearance - Green Light
Truck Weight Certificate/Receipt - Oregon-Based Companies
Truck Weight Certificate/Receipt - Out-of-State Companies
Trust Companies
Turkey Tag, Nonresident (Spring, Fall or Bonus)
Turkey Tag, Resident (Spring, Fall or Bonus)
Type 20 Activity Driver Certification
Type A Tree Removal Permit - Wilsonville
Type B Tree Removal Permit- Wilsonville
Underground Injection Control Licenses, Permits, & Registrations
United States Passport - Federal
Universal Waste Activity Notification
Upland Game Bird Stamp (Collector), Resident
Upland Game Bird Stamp, Resident (Upland Game Bird Validation)
Use Fuel Seller
Use Fuel User
Use Occupancy Permit
Use fire or operate power-driven machinery
Used Oil Activity Notification
Utilities Verification
Vacation Rental Dwelling License
Vehicle Appraiser Certificate
Vehicle Dealer Certificate
Vehicle Emissions Certificate of Compliance
Vehicle Permits
Vehicle Registration
Vehicle Rental Agency (Insurance)
Vehicle Title
Vehicle Transporter Certificate
Vending Machine License
Vendor Employee
Veterinarian Assistant
Veterinary Products Registration
Veterinary Technicians
Video (Photo Finish)
Vocational Assistance Professional Certification
Vocational Assistance Provider Registration
Voter Registration
Warrantor of Vehicle Protection Product
Waste Tire Carrier Permit
Waste Tire Storage Site Permit
Waste Water Specialist
Waste Water Specialist Trainee
Wastewater System Operator Certification
Water Exchanges
Water Point of Diversion (POD) Transfer, Government Action
Water Point of Diversion (POD) Transfer, Historic Use
Water Pollution Control Facilities (WPCF) General Permit
Water Pollution Control Facilities (WPCF) Individual Permit
Water Right Certificate
Water Right Permit Amendment
Water Right Permits Issued for Municipal and Quasi-municipal use, Extension of Time Permit
Water Right Substitution
Water Right Transfer Time Extension
Water Right Transfers, Temporary Transfers, Time Limited Transfers
Water Rights Examiner, Certified
Water Supply Well Constructor License
Water System Connection
Water Use Permit Extension of Time
Water Use Permits
Water Use/Limited License
Water Well Permit, Landowner
Water, Conserved, Allocation of
Water-Related Projects, Common
Waterway Lease
Waterway Structure Registration
West Linn- Business License
Westfir - Application for Business License
Wharf Structures
Wildlife Area Parking Permit
Wildlife Harassing Permit
Wildlife Holding Permit
Wildlife Propagation License
Wildlife Rehabilitation Holding Permit
Wildlife Scientific Taking Permit
Wilsonville - Licenses, Permits, Registrations & Certifications
Wine Self Distributor Permit
Wine and Malt Beverage Warehouse License
Winery License
Wood Village Business License
Woodcutting Permit
Worker Leasing Company License
Workers' Compensation Insurance
X-Ray Machine Registration
X-Ray Sales, Services, Consultation, and Servicing License for Radiation Machines
Yaquina Bay Roe-Herring Limited Entry Permit, Commercial
Zoning: Conditional Use Permit
Zoning: New Construction- Home Permit
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