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Detailed Information for: ATV Operating Permit
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Updated: 1/30/2014
Description: The ATV Operating Permit is required for all-terrain vehicle use in public designated off-highway riding areas and trails. A separate permit is required for each vehicle.

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Statutes, Rules, Ordinances: OAR 736-004-0060 TO -0075
Duration: 24 months
Fees - application, exam, etc.:  Each permit is $10. If purchased through a vendor, the fee may be $10.50. At no time should a single permit exceed $10.50.
Responsible Agency: Parks and Recreation Department
Fee Exemptions: None known
Examination Information: None
Continuing Ed Requirements: None
Bonding Requirements: None
Insurance Requirements: None required.
Prerequisites: VIN, serial number or vehicle description is required.
Application Form: ATV Permit / Application
Service Links:  ATV General Permit Information and Permit Agent List
contact Agency Contact Information
Required Documentation: Vehicle owner's name and address is required at time of purchase.
Additional Information: Application / Permit is only available from an OPRD office or registered vendor. Visit the ATV Permit Agents page for a list of Permit Agents by area.

  Agency Information
Please refer to the Agency Website for further details and additional information.
Agency Name: Parks and Recreation Department
E-mail Address: park.info@state.or.us
Phone: 503-986-0707 or 800-551-6949 (toll-free in Oregon)
Mail Address: Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
725 Summer St NE, Suite C
Salem, OR 97301 - 1266
Website Information: http://www.oregon.gov/OPRD/Pages/index.aspx

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