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Detailed Information for: Medical Marijuana Program Registry Identification Card
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Updated: 11/20/2014
Description: The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) is a registry identification system that allows qualified patients who comply with program requirements to grow and use marijuana as medicine. OMMP patients and caregivers are protected from civil and criminal penalties for the possession and use of medical marijuana. The OMMP issues registry identification cards to qualified patients and to the designated primary caregivers of these patients.

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Statutes, Rules, Ordinances: OAR 333-008
Duration: One year, expiring one year from date of issue.
Fees - application, exam, etc.:  The following fees went into effect on October 1, 2013:

Cardholder application and annual renewal fee: $200

Reduced application and annual renewal fee for persons receiving SNAP benefits: $60

Reduced application and annual renewal fee OHP recipients: $50

Reduced application and annual renewal fee for persons receiving SSI benefits: $20

Reduced application and annual renewal fee for military veterans who receive compensation from the VA based on a finding of 100% service-connected disability OR receipt of a needs-based pension from the VA as described in OAR 333-008-0020: $20

Grow site registration fee on applications where the patient is not his or her own grower: $50

Other fees:

Fee for replacement registry cards: $100 (or $20 for those patients who qualify for the $20 reduced application fee). A replacement card fee is required if your cards have been issued and you are changing your care giver, grower, or growsite; OR if you are requesting new registry cards that have been lost or stolen.
Responsible Agency: Oregon Medical Marijuana Program
Bonding Requirements: N/A
Insurance Requirements: N/A
Prerequisites: Qualified patients must submit:
  • a completed signed and dated application form;
  • documentation from an attending physician that diagnoses the person with a qualifying debilitating medical condition and states the use of medical marijuana may mitigate the symptoms or effects of this medical condition;
  • proof of Oregon residency (e.g., driver's license copy); and
  • the appropriate fee.

    All patient and physician information is verified by the OMMP. All application information is confidential, with limited exceptions.
Application Form: Registration for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (initial or new)
Renewals: Required Documentation
  • Documentation that patient's original qualifying medical condition continues,
  • proof of Oregon residency,
  • completed renewal application.
Service Links:  Initial Attending Physician's Statement Form
 Oregon Medical Marijuana Program Website
 Renewal Attending Physician's Statement Form
 Application Packet
 Downloadable Renewal Form
contact Agency Contact Information
Required Documentation: Diagnosed qualifying medical condition,
proof of Oregon residency,
completed application.

  Agency Information
Please refer to the Agency Website for further details and additional information.
Agency Name: Oregon Medical Marijuana Program
E-mail Address: health.webmaster@state.or.us
Mail Address:

, OR
Website Information: http://public.health.oregon.gov/PHD/Directory/Pages/Program.aspx?pid=14

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