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Updated: 1/31/2014
Description: "Fire service professional" means a paid or volunteer fire fighter, an officer or a member of a public or private fire protection agency who is engaged primarily in fire investigation, fire prevention, fire safety, fire control or fire suppression or providing emergency medical services, light and heavy rescue services, search and rescue services or hazardous materials incident response. "Fire service professional" does not include forest fire protection agency personnel.

The different areas and levels of certification for Fire Service Professionals are based on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)standards.

Major Fire Service Professional areas:
* NFPA Fire Fighter I & II
* NFPA Fire Officer I, II, III & IV
* NFPA Driver/Appratus Operator
**** Driver
**** Pumper Operator
**** Aerial Operator
**** Tiller Operator
**** Wildland Fire Operator
**** Aircraft Rescue and Fire-Fighting Operator
**** Mobile Water Supply Operator
* NFPA Rescue Tecnician
**** Rope Rescue
**** Surface Water Rescue
**** Vehicle & Machinery Rescue
**** Confined Space Rescue
**** Structural Collapse Rescue
**** Trench Rescue
* Hazardous Materials Responders
**** First Responder Operations
**** Hazardous Materials Technician
**** On Scene Incident Commander
* NFPA Fire Instructor I, II & III
* Wildland Interface
**** Fire Fighter
**** Engine Boss
**** Strike Team Leader
**** Division Supervisior

Similar Keywords: Fireman, firemen, HazMat, firefighters
Statutes, Rules, Ordinances: OAR 259-009
Duration: Ongoing-Lapse after 1 year off (OAR 259-009-0067)
Fees - application, exam, etc.:  None - fees to take courses required for specific areas, tasks and levels.
Responsible Agency: DPSST - Fire Training
Examination Information: Varies by Fire Department.

Example: Salem Fire Department - requires written exam, oral interview, physical ability exam and chiefs interview.

Fire Training
Bonding Requirements: None
Insurance Requirements: None
Prerequisites: Set by each individual Fire Department.

Example: Portland Fire Bureau -
* At least 18 years of age
* Excellent health, free from any mental or physical condition which would interfere with effective performance on the job
* Possession of a high school diploma or GED
* Possession of a valid drivers license
* Ability to pass an in-depth background investigation
* Certification as an Emergency Medical Technician Basic (EMT-B) with the State of Oregon Health Division before an offer of employment can be made.

Each area and level builds upon a lower area/level, starting with the cadet firefighter.

Oregon Fire Departments
Application Form: Fire Forms
Service Links:  Fire Certification
 Oregon/NFPA Applications
contact Agency Contact Information
Required Documentation: Varies by specific fire department

  Agency Information
Please refer to the Agency Website for further details and additional information.
Agency Name: DPSST - Fire Training
E-mail Address: julie.olsen-fink@state.or.us
Phone: 503-378-2297
Mail Address: DPSST - Fire Training
4190 Aumsville Hwy SE
Salem, OR 97301
Website Information: http://www.oregon.gov/DPSST/Pages/ft/index.aspx

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