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Detailed Information for: Wastewater System Operator Certification
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Updated: 1/30/2014
Description: As required under ORS 448.415, a valid (initial or renewal) certificate is required for a person to operate (without supervision by properly certified operator) or supervise the operation of a sewage treatment works (domestic wastewater treatment and collection system). The operator's certificate must correspond to the classification (type and grade level) of the system supervised.

Keywords: water quality, wastewater, operators
Statutes, Rules, Ordinances: OAR 340-049-0030
Duration: Standard - 2 years; Provisional - 12 months
Fees - application, exam, etc.:  Certification by exam:
Wastewater Treatment or Collection - Grade I or Grade I Provisional: $240
Wastewater Treatment and Collection - Grade I or Grade I Provisional: $400
Wastewater Treatment or Collection - Grade II: $270
Wastewater Treatment or Collection - Grade III: $300
Wastewater Treatment or Collection - Grade IV: $340
Post-exam Application Fee (if required): $50
Re-examination or Rescheduled Exam Fee: $240

Certification by reciprocity:
Wastewater Treatment or Collection - Grade I: $160
Wastewater Treatment and Collection - Grade I:$240
Wastewater Treatment or Collection - Grade II: $190
Wastewater Treatment or Collection - Grade III: $220
Wastewater Treatment or Collection - Grade IV: $260

Other fees:
License Renewal: Two year license (one or two certificate types): $160
License Re-instatement and Renewal (one or two certificate types): $280
Document Replacement fee: $50
Responsible Agency: Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
Fee Exemptions: None
Examination Information: As part of a certificate qualification process for standard (renewable) certification, applicants must pass a closed-book examination. Examinations are developed by Association of Boards of Certification (ABC), and consist of material in content and level appropriate to each certificate type and grade. The exam passing score is 70 percent correct answers. Year round computer-based exams are administered by Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP) at various locations state-wide. Candidates may not take an exam for the same certificate type and grade level more than two times in a 12-month period without completion of additional DEQ approved education/training specific to the subject area of the examination.
Continuing Ed Requirements: Certificate Renewal: Renewal eligibility is based on the certificate holder completing continuing education of two Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or two hours of college or university credit every two years in subject matter directly relevant to a wastewater system operator's job tasks and required knowledge. Certification: Only Grade IV for Wastewater Treatment has a one-year post-high school requirement which may be met with continuing education. As allowed by rule, each full year of relevant continuing education may reduce experience requirements at Grades II, III or IV.
Bonding Requirements: None
Insurance Requirements: None
Prerequisites: Minimum qualifications for certification:
  1. High School diploma, GED Certificate, or equivalent (and for Grade IV Wastewater Treatment one year post High School);
  2. acceptable operating experience at a wastewater system as established for the certificate type and grade level; and
  3. passage of the examination for the certificate type and grade level.
Exam exception: passing an exam is not required for a provisional (conditional/non-renewable) Grade I certificate. Provisional Grade I certification requires enrollment in, or completion of, a DEQ-approved training program and training supervision by a certified operator.
Service Links:  Wastewater System Operator Certification Program Applications
contact Agency Contact Information
Required Documentation: Completed, signed and dated application form for the certificate type and grade level sought along with proof of education/training, and for the provisional Grade I certificate, a completed, signed and dated "Affidavit of Training and Supervision".
Additional Information: Program Contact: 503-229-5161 or 800-452-4011 x5161 (toll-free in Oregon).
Program E-mail: opcert@deq.state.or.us
Program Web Page: Wastewater System Operator Certification Website

  Agency Information
Please refer to the Agency Website for further details and additional information.
Agency Name: Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
E-mail Address: deq.info@deq.state.or.us
Phone: 503-229-5696 or 800-452-4011 (toll-free in Oregon)
Mail Address: Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
811 SW Sixth Avenue
Portland, OR 97204 - 1390
Website Information: http://www.oregon.gov/DEQ/Pages/index.aspx

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