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Detailed Information for: Licensed Master's Social Worker (LMSW)
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Updated: 1/30/2014
Description: Master's level license for those who hold a Master's degree in Social Work (from a CSWE-accredited institution) and do not intend to practice clinical social work. LMSWs are not authorized to engage in clincial social work (which includes mental health health diagnosis and treatment plan development, but can practice social work independently that is not clinical in nature. Similar key words, bachelor, certificate, baccalaureate, BSW, clinical, masters, LMSW, associate, license, social work, certificate, blsw, social worker, social workers, LCSW, CSWA
Statutes, Rules, Ordinances: Administrative Rules for Licensure as an LMSW
Ethics Code for Regulated Social Workers
Duration: Two-year license
Fees - application, exam, etc.:  $50 Application Fee
$100 Initial license (covers approx. two-year period to the birth month of the licensee)
$200 Renewal Fee (covers two-year period)
Responsible Agency: Social Workers, Board of Licensed 
Fee Exemptions: None
Examination Information: ASWB Master's level exam required for those applicants who apply after 12/31/2012. Waived for those who apply prior to that date. The LMSW is a non-clinical license

Oregon Jurisprudence Examination, no fee is required for this exam.

Exam Locs: Pearson VUE test centers in Beaverton, Salem, and Medford
Exam Pass: A score of 70 or higher.
Exam Repeat: Must wait 90 days to retest, applicants receive up to one year to take the exam.

Exams are offered through the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB). The fee is $230 for the Masters Exam and must be paid directly to ASWB. All applicants for LMSW must have completed the ASWB Masters Exam prior to issuance of the Oregon LMSW beginning 1/1/2013.
Continuing Ed Requirements: 30 hours of continuing education for every renewal of licensure(this license is a two year license).
Prerequisites: Master's Degree in Social Work from an accredited (CSWE) institution
Application Form: Application Pages 1-5
Renewals: License renewal cycle of two years, with 30 units of CE required, and payment of $200 renewal fee. 
Service Links:  BLSW Main Page
 Licensing FAQs
 Directory of Licensed Social Workers
 LMSW Information
contact Agency Contact Information
Required Documentation: Official Transcripts
Application Packet
Fingerprint Background Check

  Agency Information
Please refer to the Agency Website for further details and additional information.
Agency Name: Social Workers, Board of Licensed
E-mail Address: oregon.blsw@state.or.us
Phone: 503-378-5735
Mail Address: Oregon State Board of Licensed Social Workers
3218 Pringle Road SE, Suite 240
Salem, OR 97302 - 6310
Website Information: http://www.oregon.gov/BLSW/Pages/index.aspx

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